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            The author is not afraid of using different textures, formats and techniques - a single theme, one size canvas and uniform thinking are not sufficient for attempting to reflect the 'great experiment of life'. Creative work, like life itself, is a constantly changing process which dictates new forms pf expression, brush strokes and moods for every piece of work. However all of them are unified by clearly expressed spirituality. Using innovative means of expression, the mystical, pagan philosophy is made accessible to modern understanding, perhaps reminding what has been forgotten. The exalted primeval, cosmic nature of woman emits tranquillity and the scent of a lotus flower... These are the icons of the 21st century.
            Arturas Kavaliauskas has displayed his work in multiple personal exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland and Israel. He has also contributed to group exhibitions in various countries. His work is part of private collections in over 70 countries.